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Nintex Partner Programs

Nintex Partner Program

We’re a 100 percent channel-focused company. We respect our partners and value our partnerships. After all, Nintex Partners are trusted advisors in implementing solutions based on Nintex technologies. Our Partners’ expertise combined with our platform’s business-transforming capabilities results in game-changing solutions for customers.

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Solution Partners

Solution Partner Opportunities: Consult, resell or refer, and deliver Nintex workflow and forms-based solutions on premises or in the cloud.

Nintex Premier Partner
Our Premier level is an invite-only tier based on a mix of historical performance and forward-looking criteria. Premier partners have managed status and receive additional joint marketing resources as well as additional support.

Nintex Certified Partner
Our Certified Solution partners have a formal Nintex partner agreement in place, have at least two people certified and must sell to remain active as certified partner.

Nintex Registered Partner
Our Registered Solution partner program is the entry-level partnership. Registered partners have access to deal registration agent form in addition to basic enablement resources.

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Technology Partners

Technology Partner Program: Our technology program offers qualified partners an easy onboarding process, and access to resources and best practices to help design solutions that integrate with and extend the Nintex platform.

  • Premier Level: This level is invite-only. To be selected for the premier level, you must be a certified technology partner with successful go-to-market potential along with high performance based on a mix of objectives and criteria. As a premier technology partner, you’ll also receive resources that will help you successfully implement your offering(s) as we continue to grow our platform.

  • Certified Level: As a certified technology partner, you’ll have registration requirements and your proposed design must pass our validation process. You’ll receive additional resources to connect with our partners and customers for extended exposure of your offering.

  • Registered Level: This is the first step for all of our technology Partners. At this level, we provide you with resources to help you integrate and extend your offering with Nintex products and prepare you for the validation process.

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Training Provider

Training Provider Opportunities: Create, package, and deliver Nintex training material.

Training modules for Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow available; web page on your website detailing your Nintex training courses; one technical staff member with Nintex Workflow Pro and Nintex Admin certifications and one certified sales staff member.

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Nintex Document Generation

Nintex Drawloop Document Generation

Partner Opportunities: Consult, resell, refer, or market Nintex Drawloop Document Generation solutions.

Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, one of the top 10 paid apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, transforms the manual task of creating documents into an automated document generation process.

Partners take our document generation product and use it to solve customers’ business challenges. Growing customer demand for document generation solutions, combined with our rich set of partner support and enablement tools, provide partners with the opportunity to greatly expand their potential market and increase the loyalty of existing customers. Additionally, partners can further extend our value prop by delivering Nintex Drawloop Document Generation through multiple channels such as email, web, eSignature, and 3rd party data services within, Office 365, and other cloud platforms.

Companies interested in offering Nintex Drawloop Document Generation solutions can simply complete our “Become a Partner Form” and select the check box labeled “I’m also interested in offering Nintex Drawloop Document Generation solutions”.

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How Do We Help You Succeed?

How Do We Help You Succeed?

New Partner Portal

  • Partner Central: Our partner portal is a hub for numerous resources including an automated quote-to-order tool, customer and partner licenses, collateral and sales webinars.
  • Pipeline Management: Our Nintex CRM system enables you to co-manage the pipeline with SSO from Partner Central.
  • Self-Service Training: This full LMS system contains core content and baseline self-service training; self-paced and available 24x7 to partners and customers.
  • Partner-Led Training: Provided at no charge to training partners, who can re-deliver the content to customers for value-added services; select training partners can also have a microsite in Nintex Learning Center.
  • Certification: Offered via Nintex Learning Center, our certifications include a core specification track with specialization spokes.
  • Partner Campaigns-In-a-Box: Full campaign and assets for repeatable use by partners. These campaigns include a forms webinar, workflow master campaign, modern workplace campaign, and three modular scenario-based campaigns.
  • Partner Marketing Center: Here is where you’ll request joint lead generation funds, and find core partner campaigns, key assets, playbooks and how-tos.
  • Demo Environment: Access to create customer demos in the Nintex Online Demo Environment.

Nintex Partner Program Onboarding Process

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How Does Nintex Pricing Work

How Does Nintex Licensing and Pricing Work?

We believe people should have choices. Choices about how they design their workflows. Choices about which documents they can generate. And choices about how they pay for our products based on how their organizations work.

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