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Why Become a Nintex Solution Partner?

Why Become a Nintex Solution Partner?

Our solution partners take our workflow platform and use it to solve customers’ business challenges. Companies’ growing demand for Nintex workflow solutions – combined with our rich set of partner support and enablement tools – helps you succeed. We sell products predominately through our partner channel and don’t sell billable services. Our partners make money with Nintex, period. On average, Nintex partners earn $5–$8 in service revenue for every one dollar of Nintex product sold. Additionally partners have the opportunity to earn up to 30% margin when reselling our products.

What Does It Take to Be a Nintex Solution Partner?

What Does It Take to Be a Nintex Solution Partner?

Solution Partners can participate in the Nintex partner program at different capacities. Below is a list of common requirements for Solution Partners that choose to resell Nintex products.

  • Signed partner agreement
  • Membership approval
  • Nintex web page on partner site
  • Active Pipeline
  • Certified technical staff
  • Certified sales staff

Partner Requirements

How We Help You Succeed

Nintex works with two types of solution partners – partners who resell Nintex products and receive margin on product sales, and partners who refer Nintex products and receive a referral fee. Both types have three options for working with Nintex.

Hear from Our Solution Partners

The biggest impact we've found from this training methodology of a product rather than a generic SharePoint class is that because the product is being delivered to the users and the partner is showing them the right way to implement the product, they're able to use the products in a much quicker timeframe. So the users are actually able to use the tool and get the most out of it in the shortest time possible. It means the turnaround from purchase to deployment and going live and usability is reduced dramatically.

Scott Swidersky
DocPoint Solutions

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Nintex Partner Program Onboarding Process

Getting Started: Apply

Getting Started: Onboard

Getting Started: Enable

Getting Started: Market

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