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Technology Partner Integration and Extensibility

Nintex technology partners integrate their technology with the Nintex platform to extend their value proposition to existing and reach prospective customers. They also appeal to more than 1,200 Nintex selling partners worldwide. Partnering with Nintex helps you retain customers and attract new ones across a multitude of business scenarios.

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Nintex Technology Partner Program Opportunities

Technology Partner Program Opportunities

Extensibility vs. Integration

Integration Partners
Integration means that your solution embeds Nintex within it. This means that your solution either contains Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow or Nintex Mobile, or that your solution uses one of these Nintex products to connect two systems together.

Our integration partners typically build these types of solutions using "Intellectual Property," which we highly encourage.

Extensibility Partners
Extending the platform occurs when a partner solution enables the Nintex platform to do more by increasing its functionality. As a result, users of the platform can do more than what would otherwise be possible with the platform as sold. An example of this is building a custom API that allows Nintex to communicate with other systems outside the SharePoint ecosystem, such as Salesforce.

What If I Don’t Have an Integration or Extensibility Play?
Regardless if you have already developed something or if you’re working on a concept, we have a partner program just for you. You can enter the program at the registered level and work toward the partner level that best fits your organization.

If you currently provide services that support SharePoint and want to include our products in your offerings or train others on Nintex products, see our Solution Partner Program and Training Provider Program respectively.

What Does It Take to be a Technology Partner?

Technology companies interested in joining the program must submit an application, which will be reviewed by the program manager. After that initial review, each company is given an opportunity to demonstrate its concept for integration or extensibility. Our program is very competitive and we expect each partner to contribute something unique to the program.

To learn more about our products, check out Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, Nintex Mobile and Nintex Connectors.

Nintex Technology Partner Program Overview

How Do We Help You Succeed?

The objective of our Technology Partner Program is to drive the success of every technology partner. The program helps technology partners integrate, validate, market and create innovative solutions.

To find out more, read about the success of our technology partners at the bottom of this page in What Do Technology Partners Say?

Nintex Technology Partner Program Overview

Nintex Community

Nintex Connect

Nintex Connect, our community site, offers numerous resources for technology partners. We encourage all partners to join and participate in conversations on Nintex Connect. With more than 9,000 community members – and growing – Nintex Connect gives partners a place to gain insight and feedback on Nintex products and solutions. Partners can also keep their eyes and ears on the real pulse of user interactions. Join the community today!

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What Do Technology Partners Say?

Working closely with the Nintex partner team has been a critical factor in building the migration features for the Nintex product. We believe in the Nintex product, and the Nintex partner team exceeded our level of expectations. Long life to this partnership!

Sébastien Leduc

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Nintex Partner Program Onboarding Process

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