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ANZ Bank Invests in Nintex to Speed Workflow Processes

As the fastest-growing bank in Indonesia, ANZ knew its rapidly increasing transaction volume would eventually overwhelm its existing business processes and workflow.

The number of emails, calls and paper forms that employees managed was preventing faster customer service, and making governance difficult. Governance (being able to see who sent, received, approved or stored a document and when) had become integral to effectively monitor compliance and process issues. The bank wanted to implement a tool that would work across business units to enhance operational efficiencies and scale easily to support business growth. The solution was Nintex.

The bank considered various solutions for streamlining its loan application process,from customizing SharePoint 2010 workflows to commissioning a custom-coded system. ANZ decided that these options were likely to take too long and require too much work and maintenance, and decided the best strategy was to automate its loan application workflows. The bank chose IT partner Ebiz and Nintex Workflow for the solution.

Bank Struggled with Inefficiency, Governance Challenges of Manual Processes

Like most banks in Indonesia, ANZ manually handled document submission and verification. With loan and ATM applications, for example,customers filled out paper forms and sent collateral documents and other background information to bank branches by mail or courier. To submit loan documents for verification, branch officers traveled to the bank’s headquarters, or used postal mail, email and phone calls. They also scanned documents, saved them as .pdf files, and then either emailed or saved them to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 folders.

Due to the many methods of document submission and sheer volume of data, process documents might be lost or transactions overlooked. If branch officers missed an expired date on customers’ certificates and registration papers, the bank’s headquarters had to request and approve updated documents, which slowed approval and compliance. Missing or inaccurate data generated more phone calls and email between the branches and headquarters. Considering that the loan approval process alone has up to five layers of approval, streamlining collaboration and workflow with transparent governance was a top priority.

Verification is also an essential part of regulatory compliance. ANZ must adhere to financial regulations, including the Foreign Accounts Compliance Act. This act requires that all banks outside the United States provide key information about U.S. clients, including citizenship validation, to the Internal Revenue Service. ANZ wanted to streamline this complex process.

Improved Workflow Performance and a Common Platform

With the new Nintex workflow solution, loan account openings went from 12,000 application transactions per month to 16,250 application transactions per month, a 30% performance increase.

Before Nintex, ANZ Bank used email for the loan application approval process. While fast, email made standardization a challenge because of different email systems, and the bank restricted the size of attachments. With email, there was also the security risk of attached documents being forwarded to unintended recipients or to recipients who had not yet signed the proper non-disclosure agreement.

Instead of competing email systems, shared folders,couriers and postal mail, everyone now uses the Nintex solution. Ebiz used Nintex Forms to create process input interfaces for employees. Branch loan officers now enter data into the form, scan the collateral documents and attach the .pdf versions. This data is saved in SharePoint, so employees at bank headquarters can access it immediately.

Ebiz also built a regulatory compliance workflow based on Nintex Workflow for SharePoint. That workflow works with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and uses complex business logic to sort and route data based on department, financial regulations, document expiration dates and transaction type. The solution alerts the relevant employees when they need to take action, and generates reminders when customers’ documents are due to expire.

A Scalable, Future-Proof Solution for the Entire Business

The bank’s Nintex solution boosts productivity by 10% to 15%, with fewer people in institutional and banking operations needed to verify the same number of loan application documents. Automating the loan application process was such a success that the bank decided to look at other manual processes it could automate with Nintex Workflow.

As of late 2014, ANZ Bank has implemented the Nintex solution at all its branches in Indonesia, to streamline retail, institutional and branch operations. It also plans to automate procurement processes. Ways the bank uses this new workflow solution include:

  • Account services transactions for retail and institutional operations
  • Liabilities and wealth transactions
  • Mortgage loan transactions
  • ATM support
  • Customer collateral documents
  • Customer requests/queries
  • Branch operations
  • Branch retail operations (CIF, account opening,TD/ATM card/pin mailer)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) verification program

Thanks to Nintex and Ebiz, our corporate customers can often get a credit line in less than a week now, and our retail customers can usually open an account in less than a day.

Transaction and approval errors decreased, but the main benefit is scalability - the solution model is so easy to use. Thanks to Nintex and Ebiz, our corporate customers can often get a credit line in less than a week now.

Frederick Nathaneal
Head of Business Process and Operations Management,
ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank
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Business Situation
To handle its growing volume of transactions, ANZ Bank wanted to replace its manual processes for retail and institutional operations with a scalable, standardized solution that provided workflow transparency, electronic collaboration and document storage.
ANZ Bank chose Nintex partner Ebiz Cipta Solusi to automate authentication, approval and compliance processes based on existing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2008 Installations, with the addition of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms.
  • 10% to 15% increased productivity
  • 30% Improvement in loan application performance
  • Faster time to market than custom code or comparable workflow solutions

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