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Braunton Capital Banks on Nintex for Office 365

Nintex for Office 365 expands Braunton Capital’s reseller channel by 10X — without increasing cost.

Too Much Time Spent on Administrative Tasks That Could Be Spent on Selling

Steven Smith and Ian Buswell founded Braunton Capital in 2014 to target the largely underserved market for IT software and hardware asset finance in Australia. Onboarding channel partners, and generating and managing quotes were time-consuming processes fraught with delays. These processes involved people emailing spreadsheets back and forth, and sending contract forms.

Unfortunately, people didn’t always return the forms and Braunton Capital employees would have to chase down the forms, taking time away from other projects.

“We had to rely on other parties to keep the pipeline moving and we were losing control of the process,” Smith says. “We were spending time on administration, not on sales. We were limited in how much business we could pursue, and we weren’t closing as many deals as we could have.”

Automated Workflows Boost Sales, Enrich Customer Service

Buswell had previous exposure to Nintex Workflow and knew it could give Braunton Capital the solution it needed. He appreciated Nintex Workflow’s features – an intuitive workflow designer, mobile capabilities, excellent support for cloud services and integration with DocuSign. He chose Nintex Workflow for Office 365, Nintex Forms for Office 365, and Nintex Mobile to optimize the company’s business in the cloud.

“Nintex for Office 365 fit perfectly in our environment and its integration with third-party products, especially DocuSign, made it the ideal workflow to power our business,” Buswell says.

Braunton Capital uses Nintex to automate several workflows, including onboarding resellers, generating quotes, approving documents and creating invoices. With the onboarding process, for example, the company can deliver customized onboarding forms to resellers within minutes of talking to them, eliminating a delay of several days. Company employees use Nintex Mobile, on their Android and iOS devices, to capture the reseller’s name and details, populate a SharePoint Online list, and create a “term sheet” to onboard the reseller. Then, they use the DocuSign connector to automatically request a digital signature from the reseller via email. The workflow generates a notification when the reseller opens the email and another when the reseller signs the sheet. The workflow then associates the signed sheet with the reseller’s account.

“When the reseller gets the onboarding form from us, immediately following our conversation on the phone, it demonstrates our professionalism—and our interest in doing business,” Buswell says. “And it gets results.”

Braunton Capital Gains Increased Efficiency, Competitive Advantage

With a Nintex workflow automation solution, Braunton Capital doubled its uptake rate on onboarding resellers, from 50 percent to a perfect 100 percent. The company’s growth and increased visibility in its market surely play a role in this increase—but, Buswell is quick to point out, so does its use of Nintex.

Braunton Capital’s use of Nintex to manage the “quote lifecycle” – from quote generation to fulfillment ¬– resulted in increased efficiency and improved business results. The quote lifecycle process enables resellers to log into the Braunton portal and use Nintex Forms to generate their own quotes for customers. The quote form includes fields for the customer’s information, the products it seeks to finance, and the proposed length of financing terms.

Once the reseller completes the fields, the quote lifecycle workflow kicks off a range of actions, including secure sign-in, document assembly, and approvals using DocuSign e-signatures. Similar to the onboarding process, the quote lifecycle workflow notifies Braunton Capital of approvals – in this case, when a customer signs off on a quote. The workflow then collates the forms and routes them to the company’s financing partner.

“Because this solution lives on our home page, resellers can always go there to check on status,” Smith says. “That gives them complete visibility into the process. It’s a great boon for customer service, because resellers can get the answers they want whenever they want them. That’s what they tell us – that they feel they’re in control, they’re not just throwing a quote form ‘over the fence’ and waiting to hear back. It helps them with their customers— and it helps us with them.”

Nintex-based workflows enable Braunton Capital to manage 50 resellers—an extraordinary 1,000 percent increase over the five resellers the company could have managed with manual phone and email processes.

“With Nintex, we have tremendous room to grow our revenue—without growing our expenses,” Smith says.

That’s a terrific competitive advantage for a fast-growing business.

“Nintex is a brilliant product,” Buswell says. “We’re blown away with what it can do. It enables us to do stuff that our competitors can’t even contemplate. We deliver solutions in one-tenth of the time and cost of outsourcing development. We couldn’t be doing this any other way.”

Our customers rely on us to provide real-time service. Nintex allows us to serve our customers at the highest levels by making sure our business processes are optimized and easy to access. We’ve created efficiencies in our customer onboarding, self-service client portal and document approvals, all without writing a single line of code for the deployment.

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Business Situation
Braunton Capital’s two principals wanted to grow their business and their revenue—without growing their expenses.
With its technology infrastructure already hosted in the cloud, Braunton Capital adopted Nintex Workflow for Office 365, Nintex Forms for Office 365, and Nintex Mobile to automate key business processes, such as customer onboarding, self-service client portal updates and document approvals.
  • Expands reseller channel by 10X
  • Reduces process development time and cost by 90 percent
  • Boosts customer service and competitive advantage

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