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Polish Oil Company Smooths Brand Management Process with Nintex

Grupa LOTOS gains a 50% efficiency improvement by automating its workflows for managing brand assets, to drive recognition with partners and customers.

As a growing oil/gas producer in Europe where dozens of companies fiercely compete in the market, Grupa LOTOS realized the importance of elevating the positioning and appeal of its brand in the marketplace. The company wanted to establish a consistent brand identity, including a logo and brand voice, that would express the essence of the rapidly expanding firm, which is Poland’s fourth-largest business.

The company has always invested in defining its brand look and how to present it to the outside world in a way authentic to the history of its multiple companies. Grupa LOTOS also wanted to set the stage for its future objective—to be a bigger, more noticeable player in the industry.

Once the company landed on the visual identify of the unified brand, it needed to put brand assets in digital form, where customers, partners and employees – the people who would help broadcast the brand messaging to the world – could easily assess these assets. That’s where Nintex came in.

Everything Brand in One-Stop Shop

Working off Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010-2013, Grupa LOTOS implemented Nintex Workflows and Nintex Forms to construct a digital brand style guide that the company’s marketing and communications department could manage.

The guide included, among others, the following elements:

  • Standardization of the company’s logo for products and signs
  • Colors and typography
  • Stationery
  • Internal and external signage
  • Corporate publications and promotional items

The complexity of Grupa LOTOS – a combination of 14 companies in Poland, Norway and Lithuania – made the previous paper-based brand management system of 48 printed brand identity books impossible to manage. Those books changed frequently, so in addition to being a management nightmare, this manual process meant the problem of endlessly rising paper costs. Marketing and sales opportunities with a wide range of partners and customers in dozens of different countries called for an automated system that could handle a multitude of requests in a broad range of situations.

For example, brand guidelines for displaying the Grupa LOTOS logo on the side of a race car in a high-profile European sports event may look a lot different than a request from a partner to use company graphics in a sales brochure, or from an employee wanting to add images to an internal presentation.

The brand style guide now contains about 50,000 files in 2,500 directories. More than 100 internal users access the guide currently.

With a company as diverse and dynamic as Grupa LOTOS, the team needed a solution that could make changes fast. Nintex workflows are simple and intuitive to build. They do not require coding or external design resources.

From first discussions in 2013 through analyzing Grupa LOTOS resources, Brand Management Office developed functional requirements and information architecture, designed system requirements, ran acceptance tests, and completed the final build by June 2015.

This modern, innovative solution, which has no counterpart in Poland so far, serves as a channel for our brand communications policy significantly improving our management of the brand elements with our internal and external partners.

Miroslaw Bialos
Brand Specialist

A Solution with "No Counterpart”

The company’s brand team, partnering with the IT department, developed over 50 workflows to optimise the experience of users accessing and managing the brand style guide.

The benefits of the implementation include:

  • Online access to brand elements in different contexts
  • Archive and data centralization
  • An operating system that supports upgrade of visual elements
  • Monitoring the performance of tasks and approval processes
  • Analysis of reports
  • Printouts of cards in PDF format
  • Flexible management of access and site permissions for partners, companies and other users

CIO Touts Efficiency Gains

Grupa LOTOS’ Chief Information Officer, Tadeusz Rogaczewski, says it’s clear that the efficiency improvements from workflow automation are significant, and he estimates a 50% efficiency gain to date. The benefits include:

  • Users receive a consistent and current interface
  • The information users receive is in compliance with established procedures
  • The processes are manageable and optimized

Rogaczewski also estimates that up to 30% is saved through digital storage and archiving.

Zero to 60 (Workflows) in a Snap

In addition to the digital brand solution, Rogaczewski and the IT team have deployed 60 Nintex workflows around the company for processes such as environmental protection procedures, legal approvals, procurement, internal audits, supervisory board policies and management meetings.

Looking at the improvements the automation has made already, the CIO believes more processes can likewise be tightened at the company. He estimates the addition of 10 to 15 new workflows each year for the foreseeable future.

The company already has been on a growth run the past few years, growing to 5,000 employees and becoming the second-largest fuel producer in Poland and one of the country’s top exporters. With a polished brand presence, continued expansion appears even more likely. With a polished brand presence, continued expansion appears even more likely.

We are surrounded by strong, more or less recognizable brands. The way the brand is perceived by employees and external customers impacts both its market position as well as its broader consciousness. Creating a consistent brand helps us stand out from our competition.

Miroslaw Bialos
Brand Specialist

Grupa Lotos
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Oil and Gas
Business Situation
Rapidly growing company was looking for an efficient way to manage its brand assets that are used extensively in marketing materials, online, on gas stations, in sponsorships, etc.
Using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms, the company created a digital version of its brand style guidelines that helped efficiently communicate and manage partners, customers and employees who use its brand assets.
  • 30% savings through digital storage and archiving
  • $20,000 per year cost savings on printing costs
  • More than 50% less time spent by employees managing brand communications

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Nintex Helps Grupa LOTOS Manage Marketing Assets

Grupa LOTOS, Europe’s leading oil company and one of the largest producers of fuel in Poland, automated its marketing asset management process with Nintex Workflow. The company is fourth in the group of the 500 largest businesses in Poland. "We are excited to work on a project that is flexible, powerful and easy to use and, of course, meets customer requirements to their satisfaction," says Marcin Balun, Sales Director with Nintex partner ISCG Consulting Group. “Nintex is an obvious choice.”

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