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Nintex Gave Hawke's Bay More Time to Devote to Teaching Budding Scientists

Out in the field, scientists like Shane Gilmer gather up to 50 samples in a single day, wading out into the muck and water in a wide range of locations to secure the samples they'll take back to the lab for testing. Along with those samples, the scientists would cart clipboards holding stacks of old paper forms that could wind up damp, muddy, or worse—blown away by the wind. Why go through the trouble? Well, the last thing parents want to worry about is whether or not their happily splashing children will become ill from their swim. In Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, Hawke's Bay Regional Council (HBRC) scientists are the first line of defense. Their diligence ensures that open waterways remain safe.

Nearly Gone With the Wind

The day was calm. After Gilmer had spent hours gathering water samples, the wind kicked up and sent his completed—and complicated—paper forms out over the bridge and down into a deep gully teeming with blackberry bushes. His only choice was to go trudging after the forms, facing the scrub and the mud. Hours later, back at the lab, a colleague would attempt to read the water- and mud-splotched papers without making any data entry mistakes. This is just the sort of situation Business Improvement Analyst Anthony Gouder hoped to avoid.

Fostering Good Ideas

Gouder ended up at a Nintex session at a 2013 SharePoint conference. What he heard in that banquet room made him gather his colleagues and sit through the session a second time. They all left impressed. Nintex Forms promised massive efficiency gains for the Hawke's Bay Regional Council. In only a few months, with the help of Provoke and Myriad Technologies, they converted the complicated paper-based data-gathering system to a tablet-based system pairing Nintex Forms with the council's SQL database. With tablets in waterproof cases, there was no way that wind, water or mud could steal scientists' data.

Massive Efficiency Gains

Gouder's efficiency estimates became a reality. Instead of managing samples and potential flying papers, field scientists took their tablets to remote locations and easily clicked through the forms using Nintex Mobile. Usually information documented in the field would need to be entered and re-checked back at the lab, but the Nintex solution eliminated the need for double data entry. The field scientists also discovered opportunities to correct outdated questions as they went. All this saved days of processing and data verification time. Over the five-month testing period leading up to the summer swim season, the new system saved the council 200-300 hours of work.

Reaching More of the Community

That saved time translated into greater community engagement. The regional council has been able to revisit the content and design of their web site, making it more accessible for the people interested in Hawke's Bay's beautiful waterways while also providing more information for the media. But probably the most exciting addition has been the ability to go out to the schools and spend time educating future scientists about the impact of our actions, an activity the council didn’t have time to do at all in the past.

Turning Paperwork into Productivity

Since adopting the Nintex solution, the council has taken on a lot of extra projects—notably freshwater projects and climate change. The forms let scientists adequately feed data back into the climate change models. Although it may be too early to spot trends, council staff will be able to easily access scientific data when council staff and environmentalists need it for planning and development.

“We can have scientists take on more important things than just data entry” Gouder adds.

Unexpected Benefits

Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for the Hawke's Bay region takes about 175 staff members. Keeping track of the needs of all those staffers can be a challenge, especially since many of them spend their time out in the field. It's not an easy walk down the hall or over to the next cubicle to clarify a vacation request. An unexpected benefit of Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow has been the ability to more easily coordinate vacation, sick leave and other business requests.

Nintex technologies have made my life easier. You can certainly do more for less with Nintex, that's for sure.

Anthony Gouder
HBRC Business Improvement Analyst

‘Nice and Normal’ Instead of a ‘Nightmare’

This wasn't the team's first go at digitizing the forms. Gilmer says they tried PalmPilots, Android systems, and other sorts of data collection and management systems, but he notes that with those tools “it was a nightmare trying to get the stuff done accurately and efficiently.” Using Nintex Forms, on the other hand, has been “smooth.”

Technology and Processes

  • Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow and Nintex Mobile combine with SharePoint to get the data from the field into proprietary internal systems
  • Anybody doing any sort of environmental data capture is happy to use Nintex Forms
  • In-house, small development team is able to quickly code new forms and workflows that are stable and problem-free
  • Nintex Forms allows HBRC to take on extra projects and deliver more efficiently
  • HBRC is now collecting all paperbased forms and processes within the organization, with the goal of digitizing them because of gains seen to date with Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Mobile

Having these systems in place compresses the time it takes to get information out to the public. It’s about public safety.

Anthony Gouder
Business Improvement Analyst
Hawke's Bay Regional Council

Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Hawke's Bay Regional Council
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Business Situation

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council needed to ensure that employees could easily gather and accurately enter testing results used for decision-making, and that they could do so as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Hawke’s Bay Regional Council used Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow and Nintex Mobile, combined with SharePoint, to get the data from the field into proprietary internal systems. HBRC is now collecting all paper-based forms and processes within the organization, with the goal of digitizing them because of gains seen to date.


Saves 300 hours in personnel time per year

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Profile

Hawke's Bay Regional Council has a statutory role in four core functions for the Hawke's Bay Region in New Zealand:

  • Natural resource knowledge and management
  • Natural hazard assessment and management
  • Regional strategic planning
  • Regional scale infrastructure and services

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Hawkes Bay WorkFlow

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