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Insurance Fraud Bureau Reduces Document Handling Time for Investigations by 80%

After assigning insurance cases to an investigator, the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts (IFB) typically put all paper documents related to that case into a cardboard box.

The box wouldn’t make it onto the desk of the assigned investigator until the next time someone visited the regional office where that person worked. That could result in a delay of up to a week. The manual, paper-based review process also meant a risk of lost documents and wasted time spent tracking down documents. That changed with Nintex.

“We were creating our first Nintex workflow four hours after it got installed,” says IFB’s IT Development Manager Ira Dobrow. “We were productive right off the bat.”

Bureau Struggles When All Case Documents Are Hard Copies

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts investigates approximately 4,000 potential fraud cases a year. It must manage numerous documents related to these investigations. Eighty percent of documents were paper and 20 percent were electronic. When an investigation kicked off, the bureau bundled up paper documents and printed out electronic documents related to that case so the process was entirely paper-based.

“Before, we had to stick someone in front of a copy machine to copy thousands of documents,” Dobrow says. “People have better things to do than standing in front of copy machines.”

All the papers went into a box, which the investigator wouldn’t get until someone dropped it off. That could delay the process up to a week, which frustrated everyone. Eager to investigate a new case, investigators would know that all the case documents were sitting at the bureau office and unlikely to reach them for days. Equally frustrating was the fact that once the investigation began, the paper-based process impeded team communication and delayed internal resolution of the investigation because others had limited access to the documents.

This limited visibility of relevant documents for others on the investigation team also delayed processing. Tracking down documents was time consuming and created delays in case processing.

“There used to be only one copy of cases in the investigator’s hands somewhere in the state,” Dobrow says. “It was very difficult to have the right lines of communication when there was only one source document. It’s really important that everyone on the team of that investigation be able to see the most up-to-date documents.”

The bureau’s legal department decided that documents should be kept for three years instead of one year. That decision created additional incentive to move to an electronic process. The bureau didn’t have room to store so much additional paperwork. Without an alternative solution, the bureau would have to rent storage space.

Automated Process Saves Paper, Time, and Promotes Collaboration

Ira Dobrow needed a solution to expedite the case investigation process. To solve the bureau’s business challenges, Dobrow sought a solution from Nintex partner KnowledgeLake, which offers Enterprise Content Management software that impressed him at an industry conference. Dobrow used KnowledgeLake and its proprietary software combined with Nintex to implement the solution.

The bureau now scans in paper documents related to cases so they’re electronic, using KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint and KnowledgeLake Capture. KnowledgeLake Imaging attaches metadata to documents during scanning and for document search and retrieval. KnowledgeLake Capture aids the actual scanning process with the bureau’s multi-function machines. KnowledgeLake Connect allows employees to upload digital information, and Nintex Workflow 2013 gives users a variety of review and approval options.

Nintex workflows route the documents to the assigned investigator and notify team members when they can access them. The workflows also trigger actions and assign relevant tasks associated with the documents. If an investigation results in a fraud finding and reaches the prosecution stage, Dobrow sets the Nintex workflow to limit permissions for select documents so that only relevant team members can access them.

In addition, the ability to talk to the SQL Server database tops Dobrow’s list of favorite Nintex Workflow tasks. He can use workflows to query SQL server about what’s happening in the bureau’s line of business applications. And he can access SQL Server without writing any code.

With Nintex, all documents are put into a central online document library, tagged to the correct case and routed accordingly. Distributing paper documents was no longer necessary, and that shaved a week off each investigation. With the online document library, team members can access investigation documents from within the line of business applications with which they’re already familiar.

“I think that made the learning curve easier,” Dobrow says. Implementing the Nintex solution was much easier than the “incredibly daunting experience” of writing SharePoint code to develop an automated solution.

Automating the investigation process within SharePoint with Nintex Workflow helped the bureau reduce copying and printing costs by about $5,000 a year and eliminated the need for paper storage of documents.

“I think everybody will recognize the idea that SharePoint can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning,” Dobrow says. “It was really comforting to have a tool like Nintex to attack those issues in a really easy-to-use but powerful environment. If I wanted to communicate back to SharePoint, I can do that in Nintex by point-clicking a few things and it only took me 20 minutes to do that. The best thing about Nintex is that people can dive into it and start prototyping stuff. They can accomplish things without a ton of training. That’s really, really valuable.”

I think everybody will recognize the idea that SharePoint can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. It was really comforting to have a tool like Nintex to attack those issues in a really easy-to-use but powerful environment.

Ira Dobrow
IT Development Manager
Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts

Insurance Fraud Bureau
Insurance Fraud Bureau
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Business Situation
The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts investigates cases on behalf of its insurance company clients. The paperintensive process involved boxes of documents, and a manual review process, which challenged staff time and storage capacity.
The bureau benefitted from an electronic process solution utilizing SharePoint 2013, KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint, KnowledgeLake Capture, KnowledgeLake Connect and Nintex Workflow 2013.
  • Reduced handling time of electronic documents by 80%
  • Decreased document routing time from up to one week to several hours
  • Improved team collaboration and visibility of cases with full version control
  • Reduced copying and printing costs by about $5,000 per year
  • Eliminated the need for paper storage of documents

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About Company
The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts is a unique and multifaceted investigative agency dedicated to the systematic elimination of fraudulent insurance transactions. Authorized by an act of the Massachusetts Legislature and signed into law in 1990, the Insurance Fraud Bureau conducts criminal investigations and refers appropriate cases for criminal prosecution.


Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, KnowledgeLake is a three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner and pioneer in the SharePoint document imaging marketplace. KnowledgeLake’s mission is to enable customers to realize their full potential by providing them with new and innovative document technologies. More than 2 million licensed users in 35 countries use KnowledgeLake solutions and products.

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