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Construction Management Firm Speeds Workflow Design By 75%

Misty Fisher faced a big challenge. As Operations Manager for KBA Inc., she was responsible for finding a solution that would process all of the documentation for her firm's federally and locally funded construction projects in a timely and efficient manner. After several false starts, however, deadlines—and money—were at risk.

Founded in 1994, KBA, Inc. is based in Bellevue, Washington. KBA provides full-service construction management, including contract administration, change management, inspection, documentation, quality assurance, scheduling, controls, and reporting. Most of the company's projects are classified as "heavy civil," such as road, bridge, and transit projects, and the company's role is to resolve design conflicts, address changed conditions, and expedite work performed by others. KBA had struggled to find a workflow and forms solution that was easy to use, yet robust enough to deliver anytime-anywhere access for mobile users.

Documentation Delays Put Funding At Risk

KBA's workflows were based in SharePoint, and the company had initially tried to use InfoPath for forms, but they found that it was too complex.

"With InfoPath, we really bit off more than we could chew," Fisher said. "Ultimately it caused significant documentation delays that put client satisfaction for many of our projects at risk. We clearly needed to find a solution that would work for us."

The company then tried SharePoint Forms, which weren't customizable enough, and didn't provide the support it needed for mobile users.

"Both our staff and our clients are out in the field all the time, so having support for mobile was absolutely critical," says Fisher.

For content management, KBA was using SharePoint mostly as a "file cabinet" for its PDF documentation. As storage it worked well, but users found that they were unable to capture the level of detailed project information they needed with this static system.

KBA needed an easy way to increase user adoption of its SharePoint infrastructure, improve workflows, and enable its mobile users to access information on a variety of devices. The firm found its solution with Nintex.

Nintex Workflow And Forms Remove Complexity, Add Mobility

Leveraging Provoke Solutions' expertise, KBA implemented a solution made up of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms through Nintex solution provider Provoke. Nintex Workflow is a powerful, easy-to-use workflow designer that improves business processes, and delivers a rapid return on investment. It empowers users with easy-yet-powerful tools, and lets them monitor, manage and reuse workflows everywhere. Nintex Workflow helps model and improve processes, regardless of complexity, boosts and extends SharePoint functionality, and easily integrates seamlessly with other systems, tools and services.

Nintex Forms is a web-based designer that enables forms to be created within SharePoint quickly and easily, and consumed on most popular mobile devices. It integrates seamlessly with Nintex Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich SharePoint applications.

Easy Approvals And Dynamic Data—from Anywhere

Nintex Workflow removed the complexity and unwieldiness of SharePoint workflows, and made it easy for KBA users to stay on-task and get the information they need quickly.

The Nintex dashboards made it easy to collect detailed status information on each project. "If it's not easy, they won't respond," says Fisher. "And Nintex made it really easy for everyone."

Nintex Forms made KBA's PDF documentation dynamic, so data can be easily re-purposed across the system, and the interface gives a customized look and feel that customers appreciate.

"When we can easily customize forms for our clients, they know that our company really cares about the details of their projects," Fisher says.

The best part, says Fisher, is KBA can easily create forms that work automatically on any mobile device.

"When people are in the field, they need to be able to access and use information, no matter what device they are using," she says. "With Nintex, we have that agility for the first time."

When people are in the field, they need to be able to access and use information, no matter what device they are using. With Nintex, we have that agility for the first time.

Misty Fisher
Operations Manager
KBA Inc.

KBA Inc.
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Business Situation
Lacking a strong solution for workflow and forms was putting KBA's project success at risk, and without support for mobile devices, most users were unable to review and approve documentation from the field.
Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms made it easy for stakeholders to stay on-task, and review and approve documentation anytime, from any device.
  • 75% faster workflow design
  • Improved user adoption by 25%
  • Custom form usage increased 80%

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KBA Inc.

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