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Nintex Enables Swiss Efficiency to Shine at Lippuner

Nintex Solution saves Lippuner 50% in ordering costs and enables 98% quick resolution rate for customer contacts.

For a Switzerland-based energy company with a reputation for developing smart and sustainable solutions for its customers, it was natural for Lippuner to look inward and streamline key but outdated internal processes.

The company started with its paper-based system for ordering supplies, such as new smartphones and marketing materials, because the process didn’t comply with the company’s high standards of efficiency. The goal? To decrease the amount of employee time it took to order a phone and to increase the speed at which employees received their phone.

Lippuner ICT System Administrator Lars Eigeldinger explains, “It took a very long time for our internal customers to get their orders. Employees had to walk into the HR department and fill out a paper form to order a new phone. After that, it took two or three weeks for the order to arrive.” With nearly 350 employees across four sites in different cities ordering phones every two years, it is easy to see how using paperbased forms caused slows and added time to the process. To solve this problem, the company needed a frugal solution that made the most of its investment in SharePoint 2013. So Lippuner turned to IOZ, a Swiss firm that specializes in information systems. They proposed a solution built on SharePoint with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms.

In-house, Eigeldinger spearheaded the Nintex implementation. Within five months, the company had set up the Nintex programs for both the IT department (which was responsible for cell phone procurement) and for the marketing department (so employees could order marketing supplies).

Phone Ordering Process

The new phone ordering system resulted in a 67% time savings for the staff fulfilling phone orders and a single point of contact (down from three) for order fulfillment. In addition, employees now receive their new phones twice as fast as they did before.

Below is a view of the customer experience when ordering a phone. These forms are supported by Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms.

  1. Overview Page
    The process begins with a link to an Overview Page, which lists the 13 different models of phone that employees can order. An employee can choose a specific phone(s) from this screen.
  2. Select Product Page
    From this page, the employee can view the specifications of a phone and select it, if desired.
  3. Shopping Cart
    The selection then goes into Shopping Cart for purchase.
  4. Verify and Send Order Page
    On this page, the final order can be checked and submitted by the employee. The order is then carried out in a timely fashion.

Ordering Marketing Materials

On the marketing side, efficiency improvements are even more significant. Lippuner has four offices spread widely over Switzerland (Zurich, St. Gallen, Grabs, and Frutigen). This made it hard to manage supply orders from only one physical location.

Giving individuals the ability to order marketing materials, like T-shirts or brochures, via online forms instead of by contacting the one person in the department who could make these orders, has led to huge cost savings of more than 50% per order when employees’ work time is factored.

There’s an average of over 450 orders per year across 41 different marketing material items. Keeping all those orders organized and filled in a timely fashion is difficult with paper. These automated Nintex Workflows are a huge saver of time and resources.

Lippuner has saved over $205,000 to date with these Nintex systems for ordering phones and marketing materials. On top of cost savings, the finance department also appreciates the added transparency into expenses, which it can track automatically now, without worrying about missing pieces of paper.

"We sought to automate Lippuner’s supply ordering process – taking a paper-based manual process and going completely digital with Nintex workflows and forms.” – Lars Eigeldinger, ICT System Administrator, Lippuner EMT AG

One-Man Learning (and Teaching) Crew

Eigeldinger took it upon himself to learn Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms. Not a developer or coder, Eigeldinger has a background solely in IT administration. Eigeldinger says, “I learned by doing. With Nintex, everything is faster and better.” After the challenges of SharePoint workflow, he found Nintex more intuitive and easier to use. Nintex prides itself on its plug-and-play, click-not-code capabilities. He’s built 80 Nintex workflows to date, including employee exit forms.

The student has turned teacher, showing his Lippuner peers how to use and build workflow with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms. Other parts of the business have also expressed interest in automating processes.

Efficiency and Accountability

In fact, one of the first additional workflows implemented centered on customer contacts. When a customer calls Lippuner and the employee they are calling is not available, the switchboard operator enters the caller’s information in a Nintex form. That kicks off a Nintex workflow that creates a task for the employee to follow up with the customer. The employee has to respond to that task, and the action they take is tracked. This system has been in place for about a year now, and over 98% of the customer contact tasks have been resolved with a call back by the employee to the customer. Customers and Lippuner executives alike are pleased with the efficiency, accountability, and increased customer service this system brings.

More Efficiency Planned

Currently, Lippuner is exploring the use of Nintex Mobile, a platform that benefits smartphone users, to unleash a whole other realm of productivity for employees.

More specifically, the human resources department is interested in implementing automated processes for some employee programs. The company is developing a solution and will soon offer training.

“We save a lot of time with the Nintex workflows we’ve been able to automate and have solved problems,” Eigeldinger said. “The new solution could create a full automatic workflow for more departments.”

With Nintex, the Swiss efficiency continues to grow like clockwork.

Keeping our employees productive is a top priority and sometimes the most basic functions, like ordering office supplies including mobile devices, can be the most time-consuming.

Lars Eigeldinger
ICT System Administrator
Lippuner EMT AG

Lippuner Energie - und Metallbautechnik AG
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Business Situation
A paper-based system for ordering supplies, such as smartphones and marketing materials, wasted employees’ time and cost the company money.
Lippuner used SharePoint 2013, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms to streamline outdated processes that were a drag on company productivity. Because this solution was so easy to implement, it is being widely applied in-house, resulting in greater than expected savings due to an increase in company-wide efficiencies.
  • Total savings to date of over $205,000
  • 50% time savings for marketing orders
  • 67% employee time savings in processing orders

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