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UK's Biggest Pub and Restaurant Operator Raises the Bar with Nintex

Mitchells & Butlers saves more than 23,400 hours a year and gains more time to devote to serving up memorable guest experiences by implementing Nintex Forms for Office 365 and Nintex Mobile.

Too Much Paperwork, Not Enough Customer Time

You’d expect retail business managers (RBM) at Mitchells & Butlers to mingle with customers, learning firsthand what keeps them coming back. Or, you might expect them to survey the kitchens of its 1,700 restaurants, pubs and bars, ensuring that the food is fresh and properly prepared. Indeed, they did all this, but not as much as they would have liked. Instead, the 130 RBMs, each responsible for about 15 facilities, spent between 30 and 60 hours every three months reviewing the extraordinary amount of new safety paperwork for each restaurant.

Mitchells & Butlers is the UK’s largest operator of managed restaurants and pubs, with more than 1,700 businesses within the UK. Its portfolio boasts many of the UK’s best-loved brands, including Harvester, Toby Carvery, Vintage Inns, Premium Country Dining Group, Crown Carveries, Village Pub & Kitchen, Sizzling Pubs, All Bar One, Browns, Miller & Carter, Metro Professionals, Nicholson’s, O’Neill’s and Ember Inns.

Sitting at a long table in a Mitchells & Butlers dining room or bar, retail business managers regularly examined a big stack of forms: forms for pre-opening checks and closing checks; health and safety checks; cleaning schedules for storerooms and kitchens; general manager’s checklists; corrective action lists; and many more. When managers completed the review at one facility, they’d go to the next and start the process all over again. In all, they inspected 3 million pieces of paper per year.

“The manual completion and inspection of forms was a completely and utterly counterproductive process,” says Ian Cutler, Safety Assurance Manager for Mitchells & Butlers. “It added nothing to the safety management system and kept the managers from adding real value to the company.”

Automated Workflows, Increased Time With Customers

To address all of the deficiencies it had with its paper-based system, Mitchells & Butlers developed a solution using Nintex Mobile and Nintex Forms for Office 365. Putting the solution in the cloud enabled the company to avoid the need to build and maintain on-premises infrastructure. It gave Cutler and his colleagues the agility to bring the solution up quickly and quickly adapt forms to meet changing business needs. And it became part of a much larger effort—called Project Blue Sky—that also centralized reporting and enhanced communications throughout the company.

Instead of having to complete and store paper forms, managers complete forms on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets using the Nintex Mobile app. Beyond merely automating or digitizing its paper forms, Mitchells & Butlers took advantage of Nintex Forms’ functionality to create forms that are more visual, more intuitive, and faster and easier to use.

“We had a paper form for checking dry stores that had an exhaustive list of check-off questions for the managers to work through. Now, that’s all gone,” Cutler says. “We’ve taken a picture of the perfect dry store environment and brought it to life with animated bubbles that point out how the manager’s store should resemble the picture. It removes all ambiguity from what the requirements are.”

The company also uses Nintex Forms to integrate due diligence and training in ways never before possible. If a manager records within a form a temperature for frozen fish that exceeds standards, for example, the form presents a panel that instructs the manager to discard the fish, and delivers safety policy content on proper handling of fish.

“With Nintex Forms, we can deliver on-the-spot training precisely when it can do the most good,” Cutler says. “That’s really exciting. And if we find we need to modify a form, I can do that and distribute it to our 1,700 establishments in an hour. That’s phenomenal.”

If Cutler is excited, imagine how the retail business managers feel; they’re no longer buried beneath mounds of paperwork—saving approximately 23,400 hours a year. They no longer need to audit the forms; Nintex Forms flags incorrect or incomplete entries. And they can easily view the forms or aggregated reports from wherever they are so they take quick action to resolve problems, instead of discovering three-month-old problems during quarterly reviews.

Managers love the solution’s mobile capabilities, and have redirected their new-found freedom to improving guest relations and kitchen operations, Cutler says.

“We have a very mobile workforce, and we needed a way for them to capture, access, and use information to increase the success of our business,” Cutler said. “Nintex Mobile makes this an easy process, freeing RBMs to focus on ‘front of house’ duties. This is tremendous business value.”

Improved operations, in turn, will likely boost restaurant ratings on the UK’s National Food Hygiene Scheme, which will enable Mitchells & Butlers to publicize those ratings as a competitive advantage.

“Without exception, every RBM has been blown away,” he says. “They really get it. They see how Nintex Forms benefits them. Conversations between RBMs and their managers in the restaurants are now completely different than they were before. It’s not about discovering problems and assigning blame. Now, the conversation is aimed at addressing problems immediately. That’s more constructive and more productive.”

We have a very mobile workforce, and we needed a way for them to capture, assess and use information to increase the success of our business. Nintex Mobile makes this possible.

Ian Cutler
Safety Assurance Manager
Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells & Butlers
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United Kingdom
Business Situation
The company’s retail business managers spent far too many hours auditing forms, which took them away from what matters most –customers.
The company uses Nintex Mobile and Nintex Forms for Office 365 for pre-opening checks and closing checks; health and safety inspections; maintaining cleaning schedules for storerooms and kitchens; and general manager’s checklists, making it easy for its facilities to meet food safety regulations and record-keeping requirements.
  • Saves 23,400 hours annually in paperwork review
  • Supports faster compliance

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Mitchells & Butlers

Mitchells & Butlers: A Nintex Mobile Success Story

Mitchells & Butlers, one of the biggest casual dining retailers in the United Kingdom, struggled with manually managing the numerous required safety checks at its restaurants. Nintex Mobile helped employees collate information more effectively any time, any place regardless of connectivity. "The best part of my job is seeing the teams engage with the guests and ultimately delivering amazing experiences to guests, and Nintex has been a really important part in enabling us to do that," says Dave Blackhurst, Mitchells & Butlers Director of Operational Support.

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