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MT Højgaard Drives Digital Shift with Nintex for Office 365

Construction companies need to document everything from equipment orders to status updates, with customer sign-offs along the way. MT Højgaard’s more than 4,000 employees have “binders and binders” of paper records to document their decades in business, says Kenneth Abraham, senior project manager in charge of knowledge management.

Abraham turned to Nintex partner, ProActive, to architect MT Højgaard’s shift from Lotus Notes to Office 365. The benefit, Abraham says, is that he doesn’t have to worry about migrating SharePoint on-premises to the cloud, but the move is harder on the staff because they’re not very familiar with SharePoint or online collaboration.

Since the software they’d been using hadn’t seen development in three to four years, shifting to online has been “a big challenge for our users,” he says. Which is part of the reason he chose Nintex.

From past experience, Abraham believed that Nintex would help employees comfortably adapt to the company’s shift to the cloud. And since Nintex is “the most heavily used third-party product on top of SharePoint,” he knew it could deliver the workflows and forms the group needed. “Nintex is such an easy product to adopt,” he says. “It makes IT deliver business value right from the start.”

Out With the Old, in With the Effective

MT Højgaard’s subsidiary Lindpro handles core electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems for industrial and commercial use. About half of the 1,000 employees across Denmark work in the field. Those 400+ employees travel to construction sites in vans, gathering the information they need to fill out the required documentation using their iPads.

Lindpro had a handful of aging ASP.NET web applications running on Windows 2003 servers that would need to connect to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but was also concerned with preserving the workflows staff use in the field.

From those workflows, they extracted the data into a SQL database and exported that database into Microsoft Azure. They turned to Abraham for help improving the system while preserving their data for all of their projects. Critical since the existing forms were hosted in a central location slated for decommission.

Using Nintex to integrate with Azure, Abraham pulled the data into Nintex Forms for Office 365 and created workflows so that staff could approve or follow up on the status of each work case—a huge improvement in capability. For more than 400 Lindpro employees driving around the countryside in vans, Nintex proved it could do the job whilst offering improved capabilities for mobile and offline usage.

Embedding Video/images Ensures Proper Documentation

Documenting installations, including pre-existing concerns, can require lengthy descriptions and digital photographs. But if MT Højgaard employees email those files or print and tuck them in a binder, it’s easy for the information to get separated. And paper and binders do nothing for instances where a video might explain the case better.

With the previous system, employees had a few forms they could fill out with the help of a computer. But that hardly compares to being able to stand with the customer and tick through checkboxes and a workflow while having a conversation. To say nothing of being able to file the forms directly from the field without having to fight traffic back to the office to file the forms in-house.

Even if employees don’t have a WiFi signal, they can work offline and upload the forms as soon as they come into range. All 10 required forms can be filed on the run, saving people critical time during their day.

Nintex’s mobile capabilities on the iPad improve efficiency, increase the time employees can spend with customers and decrease errors since staff can complete quality and assurance checks while what they are checking is right in front of them.

All of the forms are submitted to service managers and in some cases move downstream to the customers as well. Eliminating paper and duplicate forms saves not only time, but also printer and toner costs, while ensuring that documentation is archived properly. “Nintex makes it possible for the business to focus on the customers and the IT-department to decrease the time from idea to solution by speeding up the deployment cycle,” Abraham said.

Of MT Højgaard’s seven business units, three are on Office 365 using Nintex Workflow. Abraham is currently working on a project portal so that whenever a project becomes part of the MT Højgaard environment, through the company’s Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system, Nintex will handle the provisioning of SharePoint sites.

As a construction company, we’re a very pragmatic company—literally in the business of seeing things done on a large scale and done well. To that end, Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms is the right solution to shift us away from paper and into a digitized environment.

Kenneth Abraham
Senior Project Manager
MT Højgaard

Using Nintex to Showcase What “Digitized” Means

This ease and comfort of use, he says, is what makes Nintex such a strong solution.

“I can just position the product, rather than push a solution, by showcasing what Nintex actually delivers,” he says. “Nintex removes our dependency on paper-based forms, it offers the ability to track statuses and, in combination with SharePoint, Nintex automates business processes.”

This show-rather-than-tell solution communicates much more strongly to a staff used to the presence of years of project binders, who may be reluctant moving processes online.

Thanks to ProActive’s assistance integrating Nintex Workflows, the solution has worked quite seamlessly from the beginning and has helped us take a massive step forward on the road to digitalising the business.

Kenneth Abraham
Senior Project Manager
MT Højgaard Group

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Business Situation

A subsidiary to MT Højgaard needed to retire a number of aging web application and the workflows used by more than 400 field staff.


Recommended by partner ProActive, Nintex for Office 365 allows staff to handle forms, including quality and assurance, embedding photos and video, and uploading them for manager review without having to return to the office.

  • Sped-up deployment from drag-and-drop configuration
  • Supported culture shift to digitization
  • More time to spend with customers

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