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Scientific Games Bets Big on Nintex for Office 365 - Sees Workflow as a Key Enabler of Cloud Strategy

Scientific Games knows a good bet when it sees one. Investing in Nintex for Office 365 enables it to transform its business operations, onboard vendors faster, and adopt processes that maximize business value for a fraction of the cost of traditional workflows.

Rapid growth through acquisitions left Scientific Games with organizational units with different sets of processes for managing everything from onboarding vendors to managing litigation. And it left the company with a complex infrastructure that made process automation difficult.

Only One Person Designing Workflows Creates Bottlenecks

Scientific Games needed consistent, automated processes, and it needed a lot of them. But a bottleneck to generating those processes was the company's single workflow designer, who couldn't keep up with the demand from the business.

To gain business agility, Scientific Games needed a way for business users to automate workflows, which wasn't feasible with the company's code‐based workflow creation system.

Scientific Games Saves Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with Nintex Workflow

Nintex workflows now support finance, human resources, legal affairs and purchasing. The company's more than 50 Nintex workflows make doing business there faster and more cost‐effective.

Finance uses Nintex Workflow to onboard new vendors. The company has 8,000 approved vendors at any given time and receives 2,000 onboarding requests per year. The traditional, manual workflow to onboard a vendor took at least five hours and seven employees to process, and cost $500,000 in employee time a year. By automating this process with Nintex Workflow, the company reduced the time to onboard vendors by 70 percent and saves about $350,000 a year.

In the Legal department, staff attorneys use Nintex Workflow to create cases for new litigation, and to gather relevant documentation, email and other assets. The company estimates that coding a traditional workflow solution, including integration into its legal/contract system, would have cost $90,000. Creating the solution using Nintex cost just $5,000 – a savings of 94 percent.

“It was one of the better ROIs we've had.” says Anthony Gage.

Similarly, Scientific Games saved $30,000 in its first use of Nintex Forms. The company uses Nintex Forms to track employee receipt and acknowledgement of company policies. The policy is embedded within a form, giving employees a single place to review the policy and acknowledge having done so. Previously, Scientific Games had relied on a policy software solution, but extending it to additional employees would have incurred a $30,000 licensing fee. With Nintex, the company avoided the fee, and created the workflow in one afternoon.

Company Moves to the Cloud to Drive Further Efficiency

To further streamline its IT environment, Scientific Games is moving rapidly to the cloud. The company has adopted Microsoft Office 365 and is rolling out the service to its 9,000 employees. Office 365's SharePoint Online will become the primary place to do business at the company,hosting about 80 percent of Scientific Games' documentation and digital assets, with on‐premises sites retained for workloads with high confidentiality requirements.

Nintex for Office 365 is a key part of Scientific Games’cloud strategy, and will be used to create almost all of the company’s new workflows. Given the hybrid environment, the company has acquired hybrid licenses from Nintex that give it the freedom to migrate to Office 365 at its own pace, without licensing penalties.

Nintex for Office 365 gives Scientific Games new flexibility to collaborate with external audiences, and allows Scientific Games powerful ways to take advantage of that flexibility—a bet that’s paying off big for this global gaming company. For example, the company is using OneDrive for Business to share files with vendors, customers and other external parties. And it’s using a custom Nintex for Office 365 workflow and Azure-based Active Directory to grant NDA access to the sharing sites in just 15 minutes.

“OneDrive is the one place where we have external sharing turned on, so we can secure and audit our intellectual property,” Gage says. “And Nintex Workflow for Office 365 gives us a fast, automated, controlled and accurate way to onboard people to access those assets. With Nintex, we’re better able to share our IP with authorized partners without technology getting in the way.”

The real driver for our adoption of Nintex was to enable people without technical skills to create and publish their own workflows quickly and easily.

Anthony Gage
Development Manager
Scientific Games

Scientific Games
Scientific Games
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Business Situation
Scientific Games desired workflow automation that was more responsive to business needs.
Scientific Games has automated more than 50 workflows including vendor onboarding, policy management and compliance, litigation cases documentation and many more, across the enterprise, using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for Office 365.
  • Saves $350,000 in personnel time per year
  • Saves 94% development costs in workflow
  • Onboard vendors in 70% less time

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