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Ufone Calls on Nintex to Automate Workflows Across the Company

Saves 12,000 hours annually and sparks dramatic rise in efficiency

Mobile service provider Ufone knows how important it is to connect with customers — even if those customers are its 3,000-plus employees.

From deployment teams to human resources, IT and finance, Ufone employees are each other’s customers, relying on one another to accomplish their work. General Manager of IT Development and Governance Asad Mohsin was charged with implementing solutions that facilitate smooth internal transactions. To save time and increase visibility, Mohsin and his team sought a quick and easy solution they could use to automate workflows for several departments.

Tip of the Iceberg

Mohsin turned to Microsoft Gold partner Kalsoft for guidance. Shiraz Abid and Kashif Shabbir of Kalsoft focused on solutions that provided a GUI-based workflow that could utilize Ufone’s existing SharePoint engine. After considering multiple options, the company opted for a SharePoint-based solution that was quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use and cost-effective — Nintex Workflow.

To begin, the Ufone Administration department automated four workflows for processes related to office leases, municipal taxes, rental plans, and expenses. The administration department saved 15 working days by shifting information-handling from manual processes and email into Nintex Workflow.

“In terms of process efficiency, the savings have been significant,” Mohsin says.

By introducing Nintex Workflow, the Ufone team achieved three goals: Increased efficiency, increased visibility, and reduced resource consumption. To date, they’ve rolled out 15 workflows.

“We have a good number of process workflows so far in Nintex. But honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Mohsin says.

Turning to Nintex to Manage Network Rollouts

The Technical Project Management Office needed to track progress on mobile network rollouts. Cross-country network rollouts require communication across a variety of sites. The desktop-based legacy application had limitations and the team continuously faced support challenges. Recognizing the need for a new solution, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Jafar Khalid, envisioned a modernized web-based solution with enhanced features such as single sign-on, task management, phase-wise notifications, progress tracking, and audit trail.

Using out-of-the-box SharePoint features, Ufone turned to Nintex for automating the entire rollout workflow. The solution improved tracking, communication, and service levels for the PMO department.

Nintex handled the entire solution end-to-end.

Asad Mohsin
General Manager of IT Development and Governance
Brand Specialist

Nintex Workflow adoption has spread throughout the company. For instance, waiver and deposit, a process for the credit and collection department, saves two hours per request on an average of 500 requests per month — a savings of 1,000 hours per month that can be dedicated to other tasks.

Nintex Workflow integrates well with other applications; entering new customer data into a CRM application kicks off a Nintex workflow to create a document repository in SharePoint.

“These kinds of workflows and integrations can bring a very significant improvement in the work experience,” Mohsin says.

And it can happen fast.

“Development time in Nintex is very, very quick. A development cycle used to take a couple of months, or if you were very good, maybe four weeks. With Nintex, I can get the whole workflow developed and tested in three to four days.”

The ability to manage with such a small development team makes Nintex particularly attractive.

“I do not have a large number of people working in this space,” Mohsin says. “Only three to four guys. With a team of this size, we’ve made significant and notable progress so far.”

Envisioning Change

Next, Khalid wants to transform the employee digital experience. Current employee pain points include multiple portals, non-standard workflows, and paper-based processes.

“Rather than have them log into one system for one workflow and another system for another process, we want to create a uniform and enhanced digital experience.” Khalid says.

To realize Khalid’s vision, Mohsin plans to automate paper- based processes and consolidate non-standard workflows with Nintex Workflow.

“We want to create workflows that are dynamic and configurable,” says Mohsin. “With Nintex, this is possible.”

The impact of this new program will affect the entire company, providing a standardized experience that underpins all employee-related automated processes.

“As we evolve to create and deliver differentiated experiences for Ufone customers, we want to leverage our internal synergies and optimize our solution architecture and technology to enable quicker and exceptional service delivery,” says Khalid.

We want to improve and enhance the culture of our entire organization through this digital transformation program.

Jafar Khalid

Ufone Case Study
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Business Situation

Although it relies on an ERP solution for core products, Ufone sought an easier-to-implement workflow solution for its human resources/administration, finance and network management teams.


Ufone, which is banking on success with HR/admin and network rollout workflows, plans a standardized automation program across the company in order to provide a uniform customer experience.

  • Saved 1,000 hrs per month in waiver and deposit
  • Increased visibility into projects saves time and improves efficiency
  • Enhanced user experience due to better visibility and a familiar platform

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