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Wataniya Mobile Creates Clear Connections With Nintex

Automating workflows saves $300,000 and countless hours

Like most companies, Wataniya Mobile implements processes to make business run easier and faster. But what happens when the process gets into the way of success?

Asem Nairat, BI and SharePoint Team Lead at Wataniya Mobile, says his main reason for introducing Nintex was to stop the endless string of process-related emails and phone calls interfering with serving Wataniya’s clients in the Palestinian Territories.

Sure, Nairat also expected to save Wataniya Mobile a significant amount of time and money, but even he was surprised to learn that the company saved over a quarter of a million dollars per year with Nintex.

First thing for any developer is looking at the quality, security and efficiency.

– Asem Nairat
BI and SharePoint Team Lead
Wataniya Mobile

Automated Workflows Streamline Processes Across Wataniya

Nairat previously relied on his SharePoint skills to automate processes, with SharePoint Designer to create a logging system with forms, but even a simple form took about a week to produce. He’d enlist three employees to create a single workflow in SharePoint.

With Nintex, Nairat can complete three forms with workflows in a single eight-hour workday with no extra help needed.

“When I saw Nintex, I was really shocked because I can now build a form, build its workflow, drag and drop using the browser – no need for deployment or sophisticated methods,” says Nairat who uses Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to handle a multitude of requests, including leave, overtime, database users, salary and title changes, attendance, handset and marketing campaigns, automated roaming changes and customer concerns.

Through Nintex, he also integrated Oracle ERP, SAP and SharePoint. Approximately 84 of his workflows interact with 80 sophisticated forms, with an additional 20 forms benefiting from simple workflows designed to manage permissions or sync emails.

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms helped him increase his efficiency by 300 percent, he estimates, and saved Wataniya more than $62,000 a year.

But all of that time savings wouldn’t be effective if Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms didn’t also meet user expectations. “First thing for any developer is looking at the quality, security and efficiency,” Nairat explains. “Using Nintex Forms, we can modify the look and feel, and integrate with mobile forms. All of this also makes for user satisfaction.”

Billing Errors Significantly Reduced During Promotional Campaigns

As a telecom provider, Wataniya runs a number of dynamic marketing campaigns centered around handsets that come with a specified number of free minutes.

If Marketing launches a new campaign at the beginning of the month promoting 100 local minutes and 50 international minutes, the IT department needs to set up workflows to ensure that customers are billed correctly.

Before Nintex, all of this information would have been communicated via email and phone: a manual process that could easily lead to errors. By the time information reached the billing department, pertinent information ran the risk of being incorrectly communicated along the way or missed completely.

Thanks to Nintex, that scenario no longer applies. Nairat built a form for marketing to use when running campaigns. It lets them specify the details, including mobile minutes needed and customers affected. The form moves through a workflow, enabling IT to assess what is required and respond to marketing. If approved, the campaign is launched and automatically applied to the billing system. The form’s creation date – as well as who signed off on all the approvals – is also preserved.

Out-of-Network Notifications

Previously, customers’ phones turned up a number of out-of-network choices when they roamed out of the Wataniya Mobile network. Rather than sift through the list, most simply let the phone make the expensive choice for them or opted for a familiar alternative provider, and faced charges more than three times the cost-per-minute they pay while using Wataniya Mobile in network. After Nairat set up a workflow using Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms, customers’ phones automatically shift to a negotiated provider when they roam out of network, saving them money.

Extending Benefits of Nintex Through the Cloud

Looking ahead, Nairat predicts Wataniya Mobile will bring the benefits of Nintex to more employees with a move toward cloud computing. As users are increasingly on different platforms and multiple devices, cloud computing can support and expand the company’s current on-premises solution.

He also plans to move beyond responsive design to designing forms specifically for the mobile environment. People can access data from a variety of devices and Nairat seeks to provide a positive user experience no matter what the platform or device.

As a developer, Nairat relies on Nintex applications to streamline business processes through technology; Nintex has become as essential to his work as electricity.

I’ve been an IT guy, a developer and SharePoint administrator. I have only three fears: that the electricity will be off, the internet connection will be off or that Nintex will be off. I don’t worry much about that last one.

– Asem Nairat
BI and SharePoint Team Lead
Wataniya Mobile

Wataniya Mobile Expands Workflow Benefits to Other Processes

In addition to automating handset deals, data plan changes and specific marketing campaigns, Wataniya Mobile has automated other processes for a big payoff.

These processes include:

Data Management

Upper management at Wataniya receive reports from the data warehouse department – tracking based on SAP CRM and Oracle ERP – on what’s working for customers and whether the company is hitting its bottomline. Executives rely on this data to help them make informed decisions. Not all employees have SAP installed on their desktops but need to view part or all of these reports. Feeding SAP’s data through a Nintex workflow has resulted in reports that any employee can view with the appropriate permissions.

Training Expenses

Employees now complete a user-friendly form when reporting expenses related to travel and training. A workflow automatically calculates estimates for airfare, hotel, food and entertainment, and routes the form to accounts payable so a check can be cut before employees’ travel.

Customer Complaints

Customer care agents use an automated form to open a new case when a customer has a billing concern. Via workflow, the form automatically enters the billing system and alerts a customer service employee about the customer’s concern. The employee reviews the account and can act. Automating this process has made it easier to track the total number of complaints and see patterns in billing errors.

Salary and Staffing Changes

Managers use a Nintex form to update an employee’s title and/ or salary, or capture a status change. The form travels to HR, where the HR committee meets and reviews the justification and any attachments, such as letters of praise from a client. Providing mobile access using Nintex’s responsive forms has been especially effective for on-the-go managers.

Travel Requests

Human resources saved $100,000 on print costs by automating travel requests. Prior to Nintex, the company’s 600 employees had to print a form any time they wanted to request vacation time, overtime pay or business travel. The printed form would go to the employee’s manager, then to the director of the employee’s department, an HR employee, HR senior manager and, finally, the HR director. That manual process was slow and wasted paper.

When I saw Nintex, I was really shocked because I can now build a form, build its workflow, drag and drop using the browser – no need for deployment or sophisticated methods.

Asem Nairat
BI and SharePoint Team Lead
Wataniya Mobile

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Handling everything from complicated HR approvals to marketing requests and finance needs via a combination of emails, phone calls and in-person conversations was proving time-consuming and unwieldy.


Elegant implementation of 84 Nintex workflows and companion Nintex forms saved the company time and money, and drastically reduced employee frustration over missed communications.

  • Saved on print costs for HR forms
  • Improved efficiency by 300%
  • Easily integrate with SAP and Oracle ERP

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