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Sharepoint Forms by Nintex

Quick and Easy Forms Designer

Nintex Forms for SharePoint gives you the ability to build and customize forms without code, including adding branding and presentation logic, so that they work the way you work.

Design SharePoint forms with sophisticated business logic and rich HTML formatting. Customize predefined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. Preview forms before publishing them to make certain you’re providing a great user experience.

Empower your business users and enhance developer productivity:

  • Auto-generate forms to support your business applications
  • Customize forms quickly with an intuitive browser-based designer
  • Integrate with databases and business applications via SQL and standard Web Services

Nintex Forms tightly integrates with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, which means your data gets to where it needs to go and your forms can be connected to other line of business systems and cloud services to create powerful workflow solutions.

Access Sharepoint forms anywhere, anytime

Sharepoint Forms Anywhere, Anytime

Nintex Forms for SharePoint offers one-click publishing to the Web giving you the ability to securely extend forms and processes to users outside the firewall. Our native mobile applications (iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone) help you provide offline access and capture location data, camera photos, video, audio and more.

Provide secure access to SharePoint forms and processes anywhere, on any device:

  • Take your processes on the go
  • Use mobile devices to capture different types of data
  • Extend access to external users without reconfiguring your firewall

Nintex Forms for SharePoint Seamless Workflow Integration

Seamless Workflow Integration

Nintex Forms for SharePoint automatically generates workflow forms that can be quickly customized, turning traditional workflows into sophisticated workflow solutions.

Provide forms-driven workflow solutions:

  • Transform workflows into business applications with a rich user experience
  • Interact with key business processes whether online or offline
  • Leverage a wide range of cloud services

What's Infopath?

Ready to Move Beyond InfoPath?

With InfoPath's retirement, it's time to look for a replacement. To successfully transition to a new forms solution, you need to understand what InfoPath provides and how to think about alternatives. We're here to help. Visit our Exploring InfoPath Alternatives page to learn more.

Exploring InfoPath Alternatives

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