Workflow for Office 365 Key Features

Turn Office 365 into a Productivity Engine

Intuitive Workflow Designer Lets You Do More with Office 365

Empower your Office 365 users to automate their own processes in minutes through an intuitive, easy-to-use, cross-browser and drag-and-drop workflow designer. Add meaningful labels to your workflow actions, providing context to business process owners for reviews and documentation.

Nintex Document Generation for Office 365

Automate the creation and delivery of richly formatted documents while you build workflows using the Nintex Document Generation action.

With this action, you enhance the efficiency and quality of employee, customer, and vendor communications.

Here’s how:

  • Create secure workflow processes that automatically assemble highly formatted, customized documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF
  • Manage document templates, version control, approvals, and tagging all within Office 365
  • Leverage existing data to auto-generate documents (using templates) or merge data into documents from SharePoint
  • Route final documents to people outside the organization for eSignature, document management, and storage

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Existing customers: You can add the action to your design experience. Try the action to get 50 free DocGens.

Nintex for Office 365 Advanced Logic and Custom Rules

Advanced Logic and Custom Rules

Use state machines allow you to create workflow processes that jump between different levels of business logic in a way that's easy to understand and maintain. Build workflows that can incorporate parallel branches or include conditions that make a workflow run in loops.

Nintex for Office 365 Create User Accounts

Create User Accounts and Assign Permissions

Simplify the provisioning and de-provisioning across Office 365, Yammer, Rackspace and Amazon by transforming complex provisioning processes into one simple solution. Create and manage accounts across Office 365 and Yammer and spin up or down virtual machines in Amazon and Rackspace, optimizing the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure provider.

User Interaction Made Easy

Add a user interface layer for your processes. Create, publish and deploy web- and mobile-enabled forms, quickly and easily. Automate the creation of SharePoint tasks, reminders and notifications with Nintex Forms for Office 365.

Connect to a World of Cloud Services

Extend the reach of your workflows to new platforms and cloud services.

  • Social
    Our social integrations allow you to extend the reach of your workflows to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer and Bitly.
  • Storage
    Upload, download and search popular cloud storage repositories like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Provisioning
    Expand virtual machine provisioning and decommissioning to Amazon Web Services or Rackspace.
  • Line Of Business Applications
    Create automated processes that reflect your business by connecting your line of business applications such as SAP or with your workflows.

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