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Celebrating our Latest Nintex Impact Award Winner – KC Chiang

December 15, 2017, Author: Karina Mounivong

Since we launched the Nintex Impact Awards at the start of this year we’ve celebrated 3 Nintex Impact Award winners – Andy Gunawan, Josh Tan, and our “Vida Loca” team. I’m excited to share another winner – Kuan Chiang Lui, Delivery Manager based out of our Malaysia office. The Nintex […]

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The Basics of Cloud-Based Workflow Software

December 12, 2017, Author: Sean Fiene

“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” Writer G.K. Chesterton sets no limitations for a castle built in the sky. What would buildings look like without the boundaries of land, the physics of gravity or the restrictions of materials? We’ll probably never know, but we […]

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The Influence of Digital Natives on Your Business IT Strategy

December 11, 2017, Author: Patrick Nguyen

There’s a lot of hyperbole about the ‘ever-changing enterprise’ and how it should shape your business IT strategy. But there’s also truth to be found in such statements. Take the people who populate the enterprise: millennials became the largest generation in the American workforce back in 2015, and it’s expected […]

Digital Transformation, Process Automation, Workflow Basics

Easily Automate Small Business Task Management

December 7, 2017, Author: admin

Small businesses spend hours chasing invoices, manually entering data into systems and producing reports. This kind of small business task management is repetitive, time-consuming and, normally, carried out manually. All that time spent completing manual tasks is time which could have been spent generating leads and doing billable work. The key […]