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Nintex Drawloop Document Generation

Nintex Drawloop simplifies document creation in Salesforce using the same data and documents you use today. This transforms documents into automated business processes that accelerate sales and business results, empowering employees to do more of what they do best.

Nintex Drawloop

Eliminate manual document creation in Salesforce

Empower your users to accelerate any document creation process like sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, account summaries, service documents, and more. Generate documents from any data source or from any document template, and use third-party apps for custom delivery, cloud storage and eSignature - all without leaving Salesforce.

Office 365 Document Generation Action
Transform your documents into data-driven processes

Transform your documents into data-driven processes

Create custom business processes using Salesforce and document business logic to drive data through automated Salesforce workflows, tailored processes, and ultimately high-quality customer communications. With Nintex Drawloop, administrators can create business processes that change stage throughout a sales process, run calculations using Excel as middleware, trigger approval routing and additional document generation processes, schedule tasks, and more. In addition, administrators can also tailor the user experience for individual roles or teams using business logic and user permissions. Users only see the right documents at the right time.

Lightning ready, lightning fast

As Salesforce users move to the new Lightning Experience, so does Nintex Drawloop. Generating documents in Lightning is quick and easy, and the same intuitive user experience is available for mobile devices using the Salesforce1 mobile app. Additionally, the new Lightning Component allows users to generate documents without ever leaving the page or record they’re working from.

Lightning ready, lightning fast

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